Obtaining a second tax residency

If you have made it here and are interested in how to obtain a second residency, it is because you have lost confidence in your country and you don’t think it’s worth staying there anymore, at least for now. Or perhaps you are prudently looking for a second option in case things take a turn for the worse.

Some popular offshore tax residencies that offer low or no tax residency opportunities are Andorra, Dubai, and Panama. Panama is the best!

Having a second residency can be a lifesaver when restrictions on individual and financial freedom become more severe. These are not science fiction scenarios; on the contrary, what is happening in Europe and the United States is heading in this direction.

High taxation and restrictions on financial freedom give a glimpse of the governments’ all-encompassing intentions with respect to citizens’ assets and income. We are also witnessing the progressive implementation of digital control and restriction of fundamental freedoms.

How can we defend ourselves? We must seek out the places in which spaces of freedom still exist and make sure we have a plan B should we need it. And now that you understand the problem, you need to make up your mind. Don’t wait until it is a widespread perception and many people want to leave, because by then, it may not be possible to implement Plan B.

Who would benefit the most from a second residence? With the exception of citizens living on welfare benefits or the minimum pension, everyone else could benefit from a change of residence.

These include entrepreneurs, freelancers, homeowners, lifelong savers who have small savings to protect, retirees who receive at least 1,000 euros per month, and young people who want to travel the world working as digital nomads.

Essentially, anyone who has assets, liquid capital or who has something to lose in the near future. The solution is to have an exit, which will allow you to live in a country with a less stifling tax system.

To learn more about the countries where you can find your ideal habitat, have a look at our videos on our YouTube channel and form your own opinion. Where you choose to live is up to you, we can only help you. Panama, Dubai, Portugal, Canary Islands and Andorra are the most popular destinations at the moment. Although, depending on your availability and lifestyle, we have other destinations to suggest. .

If you want to learn more, we advise you to avoid snooping in Facebook groups and other social networks. In order to have a real opinion, you have to travel around. Opinions on social networks are very diverse, as everyone wants to express their point of view, including those who have never experienced a place. There are also those who have emigrated and haven’t managed to do very well, and then pretend to be knowledgeable on social networks to attract some fellow compatriots and make some money out of them.

Instead, consult an experienced professional and book a consultation to be entitled to hear the truth. This consultation is a small investment that can turn out to be the most beneficial of your life.

Keep in mind that every place has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage for you may be a disadvantage for someone else. We can analyze together your situation, your finances, the costs, and the services you need so you can choose, with our help, where to establish your residence. You may be able to be resident in one country and live in another.

Apart from temporary or permanent residency, we can help you to obtain long-term visas and second citizenships. According to some experts, and the current situation of Russian citizens, in certain circumstances a second citizenship is an indispensable tool. If, for example, you want to go to Russia tomorrow, wouldn’t you like to have a Panama passport?

Talk to us or apply now for your residency in Panama, the #1 destination among investors and retirees. Residency in Panama does not require you to reside in the country and, once acquired, it is not lost if you return to the country every two years. By contrast, Dubai requires you to visit the country every 6 months. Come and discover with us the paradises still unknown to the masses.