What to invest in? This is the million dollar question. After Covid and in the middle of the recession, offshore investments can be a good option. We have to look for niches and unexplored markets and if we have to take a little risk by investing in the unknown. Online offshore investments, real estate, agriculture and animal husbandry seem to be the best options for 2023.

In online investments, there are options for turnkey businesses or to develop. Also, canned food trading is a great option. But, if you have enough capital, we advise you to invest in a mineral water well or canned food factory.

There are many reasons why investing abroad can be a good choice for investors. 

Here are some of the main:

1. Diversification: Investing abroad can help diversify your portfolio, thus reducing the overall risk of investments. This is especially important, because investments in a single country or market can be exposed to specific risks, such as currency fluctuations or local economic crises.

2. More opportunities: Investing abroad can offer more investment opportunities in sectors or markets that may not be available or developed domestically. For example, some countries may have a strong technological development or an emerging industry that could be of interest to investors.

3. Economic growth: Some developing countries may offer more opportunities for economic growth than more developed countries, which could translate into greater investment and profit opportunities.

4. Protection from local crises: Investing abroad can also offer some protection against local crises that could impact a particular market or country. For example, if the real estate market at home is in crisis, real estate investments abroad could offer greater stability.

5. Tax benefits: In some cases, investing abroad can also offer tax benefits, such as tax reductions.