New office concept from Caporaso & Partners

After more than 10 years of presence in the Omega Building, the Panamanian law firm Caporaso & Partners has moved to the central Vía España, in front of the Vía Argentina Metro station. We are a few hundred meters from the old office.

Our new address is: Caporaso & Partners, Vía España 1280, Orion Building, 7th floor, Suite 7D, Panama 0801, Republic of Panama.

With the new office we have optimized costs, automated services and we maintain a lower profile, since, here too, dealing with burocracy has become more tedious.

We only receive by appointment. For correspondence deliveries there is an intelligent and secure mailbox for mail and packages.

Our phones will remain unchanged. For clients who have their company domiciled in the old office, we continue to offer the service since the former office still is our property.

Customer service is offered from our back office, on Margarita Island, on all phone numbers.