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Open an offshore bank account

Opening an offshore bank account these days is not easy. Many countries and banks limit the opening of accounts to residents only. Encrypted or anonymous accounts have long ceased to exist.

Banks try to operate exclusively with residents or, ideally, with individuals who do not make commercial use of offshore accounts. They prefer investment accounts, which means that the options are limited. There are also several factors that influence the opening of an offshore bank account. These are the main ones:

  1. Nationality, residence of the beneficiary, and languages spoken;
  2. Type of account movements;
  3. Available documentation, such as income tax returns, bank references, etc.;
  4. Type of activity;
  5. Monetary zone (currency) in which the activity is carried out and geographical area of the clients.

Regarding corporate bank accounts, the following points should also be analyzed:

  1. Jurisdiction of incorporation;
  2. Business model or business plan;
  3. Estimated transaction volume in the account.

In order to operate, you often have to use a mix of personal accounts + e-wallet accounts and corporate accounts. In addition, the bank wants to communicate with the account holder and not with an intermediary. It is therefore necessary to prepare for the interview. For this reason, it is counterproductive to open a bank account blindly, as you risk being closed immediately or even having your funds blocked.  Based on your activities and knowledge, we can also analyze the use of cryptocurrencies to facilitate these operations.

How to open an offshore checking account

For the opening of an offshore bank account, we prefer the following procedure:

  1. An initial telephone consultation, in which we analyze your needs and propose the available options.

The cost is 50.00 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

  1. Upon deciding what you want to do, you will need to purchase a consultation package valid for 30 days. During this phase we tell you which banks, purses or financial institutions you should apply to open an account with. Whenever possible, we will fill out the forms or show you how to do it. We also prepare you for the interview with the financial institution. In the course of the 30 days we will follow you (fair use or non-abuse clause applies) in the process of opening one or more bank accounts.

The cost is 350,00 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

In any case, we are experienced and have established contacts with e-wallets and banks to meet your needs. This system has proven to be the most efficient and will prevent you from wasting money on opening accounts that are not suitable for your business.