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The FAQ frequently asked questions allow us to avoid the curious and dedicate our work to our clients

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a valuable resource both for us, who have spent time preparing them, and for the clients. Their importance lies in their ability to provide immediate answers to the most common questions our clients may have

With these frequently asked questions, we offer:

1. Time Savings:

Frequently Asked Questions provide instant answers to common questions, meaning clients can get the information they need without waiting for an email response. This is not only more efficient for the client but also allows us to serve a larger number of users simultaneously.

2. Availability 24/7:

Unlike email support, which is limited to business hours, frequently asked questions are always available. This provides significant convenience, allowing clients to resolve their queries at any time of the day or night. Remember we are based in Panama and our local time is

Given the time difference, this provides significant convenience, allowing our clients to resolve their queries at any time of the day or night.

3. Consistency in responses to Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions ensure that all clients receive the same information, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy in the responses. This is especially important to avoid misunderstandings or contradictory information that could arise from different customer service representatives. And remember that our prices are published on the page.

By reducing the number of calls and emails that require personal attention, we are allowed to optimize our work and focus on solving more complex problems that cannot be easily addressed in a FAQs section.

Alternative for those who prefer direct contact

Recognizing that some clients prefer or need to speak directly with lawyer Gottlieb, we offer personalized telephone consultations. However, to maintain the efficiency of our service and to dedicate adequate time to each consultation, these sessions have a cost of 50 EUR for 10 minutes.

This option ensures that those who require discussing their specific case can receive an effective consultation, while at the same time allowing the law firm to manage its resources efficiently.

We recommend in all cases to read the FAQ frequently asked questions to focus the consultation on your specific needs.