Dubai is not on any blacklist, so residency in Dubai is very favorable, although there are certain disadvantages

The Emirate is not on any blacklist. There are a number of special economic zones and free trade zones. Among the main advantages of Dubai residency, is the favorable tax policy adopted there.

In this Emirate income tax is payable on profits in excess of Dh 375,000. (100.000 USD) on natural or legal persons who are tax residents. Dubai has signed treaties with almost 80 countries to avoid double taxation.

How to benefit from the advantages of Dubai residency

There are two ways to obtain residency in Dubai. The most common is to register a company in your name in Dubai or in one of the free zones operating in the United Arab Emirates. This residential visa is valid for three years but may be renewed for the same number of years. Such a visa grants you a work permit and allows you to apply for a residence visa (additional fee applies) for your immediate family members, including your spouse and children under 18 years of age.

Another way to obtain residency in Dubai is through the purchase of a property in that Emirate. The minimum purchase amount is US$275,000. This option allows you to obtain a residential visa valid for two years. In this case, you are not permitted to work in Dubai, although it is renewable for as long as you maintain the property.

Best price for a residence in Dubai

Why overpay for a residence in Dubai? With Caporaso & Partners you can directly process your application with the International Free Zone Authority in Dubai and avoid being scammed or overcharged. Our only charge is for an initial consultation and a follow-up consultation. This way, you will be paying the official fees in the UAE to obtain the Dubai residency visa or to incorporate your company in the Dubai International Free Zone.

There are 5 disadvantages of obtaining residency in Dubai compared to residency in Panama:

1. It is mandatory to enter the country 2 times per year;

2. It must be renewed annually;

3. It does not give you the right to obtain citizenship;

4. High cost of visa programs;

5. High cost of living.

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Guidelines to obtain residency in Dubai

To obtain residency in Dubai we prefer to proceed as follows:


An initial telephone consultation, in which we analyze your needs and propose the available options

The cost is 50.00 euros or its equivalent in another currency

Consulting package valid for 30 days (fair use)

Once you have decided to apply for residence in Dubai, you will need to purchase a consultation package valid for 30 days. In this phase, we tell you how to apply and pay directly with the authorities (without intermediaries) for your company and residence in Dubai. As far as possible, we fill out the forms or show you how to do it. We also prepare you for the interview with the officials. During the 30 days period, we will provide you with follow-up (fair use or non-abuse clause applies) in the process of incorporating a company and obtaining the residence in Dubai.

The cost is 350 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

In any case, we are experienced and have established contacts with the Dubai Free Zone to meet your needs. This system has proven to be the most efficient and will prevent you from wasting money with intermediaries who are not always professional.



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