Your Panamanian Passport: More than a Dream, a Reality Make Panama your home and open the doors to countless opportunities!

Are you eligible?

Permanent Residents: if you have resided in Panama for more than 5 years, this is your opportunity.

Panamanian Family: less waiting time if you have children born in Panama or are married to a Panamanian citizen.

Latin Americans and Spaniards: special benefits in recognition of the fraternal ties with Panama.

Simplified process: through our law firm, we guide you through every step, from the preparation of documents to the required tests. We guarantee that your process will be as smooth as possible.

Benefits of being Panamanian: Panamanian citizenship not only grants you a passport, but also a visa:

Access to exclusive professions

Opportunity to work in any sector without constantly renewing permits.

The right to vote and the possibility to aspire to public office.

A commitment to the future! Although a symbolic commitment to Panama is expected, your original nationality remains intact, giving you the best of both worlds.

Act now! Become part of the growing and vibrant Panamanian community. If you are considering naturalization, contact our specialized lawyers to ensure a smooth process.

Panama is waiting for you! Become a citizen of the world with a Panamanian passport visa free in 133 countries, including Europe.

Requirements for Letter of Nature Application in Panama

  1. POWER OF ATTORNEY TO CAPORASO & PARTNERS LAW OFFICE:Complete information of the applicant: Name, address, sex, age, marital status, place and nationality of birth, permanent resident card number, passport number and telephone numbers.

    Details of the applicant’s parents.

    Renunciation of previous nationality.

    Manifestation of the desire to be admitted to the Panamanian nationality.


    Attorney’s data: name, contact, copy of identity card and suitability.

    Based on facts and evidence.

    Specify legal basis (Numeral 1-2-3 of Article 10 of the Constitution).

    1. CERTIFICATION OF MIGRATORY STATUS: With the number of resident card (90 days of validity).
    2. COPY OF RESIDENT CARD: Authenticated by the Electoral Tribunal.
    3. SWORN DECLARATION: Before a notary, about the reasons for the petition and desire to become a Panamanian citizen.
    4. MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: Of good health (90 days of validity).
    5. CRIMINAL RECORDS: For use of Migration or Naturalization (30 days of validity).
    6. ECONOMIC SOLVENCY: By means of:

    Work letter and social security card (90 days).

    Income tax return of the previous year.

    Bank letter (90 days).

    1. PAZ Y SALVO (DGI): With details of the applicant.
    2. COMPLETE COPY OF PASSPORT: Authenticated and translated if not in Spanish.
    3. PHOTOS: Passport format. Women: formal. Men: jacket and tie.
    4. INTERVIEW FORMAT: Downloaded, completed with blue pen.

Additional Documents (As the case may be):

Numeral 2: Certificates of marriage, birth of spouse and Panamanian children.

Item 3: Photocopy of the Reciprocity Law and certification of its existence and validity.

For Dependents:

Notarized letter of responsibility.

Copy of identity card of the person in charge.

Economic solvency of the person in charge.

Paz y Salvo DGI of the person in charge.

Note: There are specific costs and validity periods associated with various documents.