Many retirees or teleworkers prefer to spend the winter in Isla Margarita

Are you looking for a place where it´s warm all year round, pay little rent, zero electricity, 50 cent gasoline and that it´s Free Zone? Margarita Island is the answer!

Don’t get scared when you hear Venezuela, give it a read and then tell me what you think.

It is no coincidence that Isla Margarita is known as ” The Pearl of the Caribbean”. In its 69 kilometers of length you can find spectacular beaches and well-stocked shopping malls at very competitive prices due to its location in Puerto Franco. You can also enjoy a pleasant climate all year round.

The cost of living is not high, compared to other tourist places in the Caribbean. The Internet connection there is broadband, very stable and at very affordable prices.

In addition, renting a place to live in Isla Margarita is simple and inexpensive. For example, an apartment with a swimming pool ranges between 200 and 500 dollars a month, including cable TV, electricity and condominium service.

It is possible to buy international products of all kinds in supermarkets, sometimes at cheaper prices than in their country of origin. Meanwhile, the price of gasoline is among the cheapest in Latin America, costing only 50 cents per liter.

What can you do in Isla Margarita?

The island is world famous for its beaches. There are beaches of all kinds, from those that are very remote to others that are more centrally located. Among the most visited are Playa Yaque, La Restinga, Playa Moreno and Punta Arenas.

But Isla Margarita also offers other charms. Ecotourism lovers can visit spectacular places, such as the Macanao Peninsula, Cerro de Copey, Laguna de la Restinga and the natural monument of Las Tetas de María Guevara. The latter is made up of two twin hills located to the south of the island. Surrounding them are three lagoons. It is a perfect place for hikers.

Porlamar is the best known city of the island, which is the main tourist and leisure center. Being Puerto Libre, it is a good place for shopping tourism. In addition, you can also find the cities of La Asuncion and Juan Griego.

Porlamar has an international airport, although the most common route to get to the island is through flights from Maiquetía in Caracas. Numerous flights to Porlamar depart daily from the “Simón Bolívar” airport. The trip takes about 35 minutes. Isla Margarita can also be reached by ferry, with departures from Caracas, Cumaná and Puerto Cruz.

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