Why Isla Margarita is one of the best places for living, investing and retiring

We explain why living and investing in Isla Margarita is convenient and we offer you a package of initial consulting and on-site assistance. Please note that we have opened a back office in Porlamar, is there a reason?

The initial telephone consultation includes:

– Migration and residency visas

– Where to live and how to find an apartment

– How to open a bank account

– What are the main problems you encounter in living and investing in Isla Margarita and how to solve them.

– Business opportunities

10 good reasons for living, investing and retiring in Isla Margarita

– At least 70 beaches on the island

– 106 miles (171 km) of coastline

– 50 cents on the USD is the price of gasoline (for residents it is FREE)

– Electricity is FREE

– 250-500 USD per month to rent a luxury apartment

– Shop on Amazon (or wherever you want) and pay 0 taxes

– Very, very low crime

– Low cost of labor

– No traffic

– Eat a lobster, ocean front, for 10 USD

Cost of consultations 150 USD (up to an hour in 1 or more conversations)