Consult a Lawyer, Better call Giovanni! Caporaso & Partners. A call with a lawyer can help you save a lot of money or avoid making mistakes!

5 reasons why it’s better consult a lawyer. Call Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, the renowned lawyer of the Caporaso & Partners law firm of Panama.

Preventative law becomes more and more important in today’s world and it’s better to call Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb before the problem appears.

The law professionals can help you solve a legal problem. The ideal, however, would be to consult a lawyer in time to avoid problems or mistakes by following this advice.

Never sign a contract before calling Giovanni. Many mistakenly think that drawing up a contract is simple, that everything is resolved by cutting and pasting prior documents. However, even the simplest contract has to include clauses that protect your rights. Preventatively consulting a lawyer is best in order to avoid complications.

Others believe that they can get free legal advice by watching YouTube tutorials or looking for information on the internet. In reality, nothing substitutes specialized and personalized consultation with a professional of business law.

Personalized counseling? Better call Giovanni!

A third good reason for calling Giovanni is that you will always need to deal with legal advice. It doesn’t matter whether some legal procedures don’t require a lawyer’s intervention. For you, a professional’s assistance will always be convenient.

The fourth reason is distrust of the other party. Distrust of everyone who says to you, “Trust me”. It never works in business. Having a well-drawn-up contract and having as much advice from a lawyer as necessary is the key here.

The fifth reason destroys a myth. One of the reasons for which people join internet forums looking for “free advice” is because they believe that lawyers are expensive. Actually, a good law professional charges very well for his services. However, a call isn’t expensive and your money is well-invested. Don’t consider it a loss. Remember that correct advice or quick action can help you avoid an economic problem later on.

Because of the large volume of phone calls by people who are curious about offshore tax planning and by the services offered by tax havens, we have had to limit our chatting and consultations via Whatsapp or phone to clients only. If you are not one of our clients yet and wish to have a brief consultation, we ask you to reserve and pay for a telephone consultation. Better call Giovanni!

Consult attorney Giovanni Caporaso by video call

Consult attorney Giovanni Caporaso by video call

Consulting Lawyer Caporaso: opting for technology

In the legal world, remote consultations, whether by phone or videoconference, are gaining ground over in-person meetings. This trend is due to the convenience they offer, allowing clients to speak with the lawyer from any location. Additionally, valuable time is saved by eliminating the need to travel or commute, which also reduces associated costs.

Remote consultations are more direct, facilitating efficient communication. Sharing documents becomes simple and secure with digital tools.

Privacy and security are paramount; modern platforms offer encryption and protection. Moreover, the use of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, enhances the consultation experience. Remote consultations are also sustainable, reducing the carbon footprint by minimizing travel.

Remote legal consultations, whether by phone or videoconference, offer multiple advantages. Convenience and flexibility are key; clients can communicate with the lawyer from anywhere. There is also greater flexibility in scheduling, with hours adapted to busy schedules.

The saving of time and costs is significant. Time is saved by avoiding physical travel and transportation and parking expenses are eliminated. The lawyer can attend to clients 7/7, even while he is traveling. Regarding communication efficiency, responses tend to be quicker and more focused. Digital tools make it easy to share and review documents securely.

The use of advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, enriches consultations and allows for an immediate response at a very low consultation cost, convenient for the client.

What does initial and follow-up counseling mean?

In many services we have offered initial and follow-up counseling. In the initial consultation, the client expresses his needs, and the lawyer advises him on how to proceed and whether to proceed. Sometimes clients have misconceptions, and it is the lawyer’s job to clarify all the points. Once the customer has decided what to do, we move on to the second phase and we offer follow-up advice: how to fill in a form, what to declare and what not to, etc. This is why it is better  consult a lawyer and call Giovanni before taking a wrong decision.

Arrange for the lawyer to visit you for a consultation

For obvious reasons, we don’t have offices in Europe; in addition, consultations held in the European territory will be less explicit since they have to be held respecting the country’s laws. If you are interested in tax planning for your business and feel the need for a meeting with an expert, you can visit us or pay for a visit from us, at the price of 2,000 USD + round trip airline ticket and other possible expenses if they apply.


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