A  resident visa in Colombia is one of the most favorable visas available for those who wish to live permanently in this South American country

A resident visa in Colombia It is valid for two-five years and can be extended once this term has expired. The holder of this visa may also apply for Colombian citizenship.

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Types of Colombian visas

Colombia offers three types of visas: migrant, visitor, and resident visas. The migrant visas include: student visas, employment contract visas, retirement visas, spouses of Colombian citizens, business partner-owner visas, religious visas, and visas for residents of Mercosur countries.

Visitor visas include those for academic exchange, internship/practitioner, medical treatment and accompanying person, volunteering (for cooperators or volunteers of a non-governmental or non-profit organization), and for business transactions.

Resident visa categories in Colombia

There are five categories for this visa. Our team can assist you in selecting the one that best suits your specifications and needs. We have processed hundreds of visas and have detailed knowledge of all the steps to follow.

The first variant is for returning Colombian citizens. This applies to those who went to live in another country and were forced to renounce their Colombian citizenship. In case they now want to return to Colombia, they will have to apply for a resident visa.

Parents of Colombian citizens are another group that can apply for a resident visa in Colombia. Any foreigner who has a Colombian child, by birth or adoption, can apply for a resident visa.

The third category is for holders of M-1 visas, which are marriage visas, and M-3, called Mercosur visas. A foreigner who has held either of these two visas for a period of at least two uninterrupted years may apply for a resident visa in Colombia.

The fourth category is for foreigners who have held migrant visas for a period of five years. Among these visas are student, work, and retirement visas.

Investors are a fifth group that can benefit from the resident visa in Colombia. You can apply if you invest a minimum of 650 times the minimum monthly salary in Colombia. Keep in mind that, in 2022, the minimum monthly salary in the country is set at 1,000,000 Colombian pesos. Therefore, the investment must be at least 650 million pesos. At the current exchange rate, this is about 159,000 USD.

How can you apply for a resident visa in Colombia?

There are two ways to apply for this type of visa. The first way is online; the second way is to apply directly at any Colombian consulate in the world. The process is not complicated; however, it is essential that you have all the documents you need at hand. We can provide assistance with this as well.

To apply online you will need to have a scanned copy of all the necessary documents in PDF format along with a passport photo. Upon receipt of the visa approval, you will need to go to the nearest Colombian consulate. They will then add the visa to your passport. Once this process is completed, you will be able to travel to Colombia.

In the case that you have applied from Colombia, you will have to travel to Bogota and go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once there, they will place the visa in your passport at the office located at Avenida 19 # 98-03, Edificio Torre 100. We can help with this as well, without you need to travel.

Guidelines to obtain residency in Colombia

To obtain residency in Colombia, we prefer the following procedure:

An initial telephone consultation, in which we analyze your needs and propose the available options

The cost is 50.00 euros or its equivalent in another currency

Consulting package valid for 30 days (fair use)

Once you have decided to apply for residence in Colombia, you will need to purchase a consultation package valid for 30 days. In this phase, we will explain to you how to proceed with the residency in Colombia. As far as possible, we fill out the forms or show you how to do it. We also prepare you for the interview with the officials. For 30 days we will provide you with follow-up (fair use or non-abuse clause applies) in the process of obtaining the residence in Colombia.

The cost is 350 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

In any case, we are experienced and have established contacts with professionals in Colombia to meet your needs. This system has proven to be the most efficient and will prevent you from wasting money with intermediaries you don’t know.


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