Residency in Andorra, a European tax haven, is a good choice for your tax planning

Getting Andorra Residency is not very difficult. The small Principality, located in the Pyrenees, offers a high standard of living, an excellent education, and a health system. It also benefits from a very favorable tax system, where there are no restrictions on the movement of capital. It should be added that this country seeks to be one of the most innovative in the field of cryptocurrencies. How can you obtain residency in Andorra? Let us help you.

There are two ways to obtain residency in Andorra.

The first one is through the so-called “passive residency”, which grants a residence permit but without the possibility of working. The other is the active residence, being the most comprehensive option but with very restrictive regulations and more difficult to obtain. It is therefore essential to be accompanied by a specialized professional in order to obtain either of the two types of residency.

The most common way is to apply for the “passive” residency in Andorra.

This is the approach favored by famous sportsmen, investors, artists and retirees, who seek to take advantage of the benefits of residing in Andorra without aiming to work in the Principality. It is necessary to be over 18 years old, to have no criminal record and to physically reside in the Principality for at least 90 days in a year to apply.

The next steps are financial and require you to invest a minimum of 400,000 Euros in the creation of a company in Andorra or in real estate property, in public debt, or place them as a deposit in an Andorran bank. You will also have to deposit a bond with the National Institute of Finance for 40,000 Euros, plus another 10,000 Euros for each member of your family.

The Andorran authorities will also require you to have the necessary resources to support yourself.

To do so, you will be required to prove that you are receiving an income four times the minimum annual salary. In addition, you will have to rent an apartment or show intention to buy a property.

Meanwhile, the “active” residency in Andorra is slightly more complicated. The authorities will require you to stay in the territory at least 183 days a year. In addition, you will have to find your own company or buy a stake of at least 20% in a local company. You must also prove that you occupy a property, whether rented or owned.

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Guidelines to obtain residency in Andorra

To obtain residency in Andorra we prefer to proceed as follows:

An initial telephone consultation, in which we analyze your needs and propose the available options

The cost is 50.00 euros or its equivalent in another currency

Consulting package valid for 30 days (fair use)

Once you have decided to apply for the residence in Andorra, you will need to purchase a consultation package valid for 30 days. In this phase, we will explain to you how to proceed with the residency in Andorra. As far as possible, we fill out the forms or show you how to do it. We also prepare you for the interview with the officials. During the 30 days, we will provide you with a follow-up (fair use or non-abuse clause applies) in the process of obtaining the residence in Andorra.

The cost is 350 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

In any case, we are experienced and have established contacts with professionals in Andorra to meet your needs. This system has proven to be the most efficient and will prevent you from wasting money with intermediaries you don’t know.


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