Panama offers residency in Panama per macro enterprise to foreigners who invest a minimum of US$160,000

Residency in Panama by macro enterprise is valid for two years. Upon expiration of this period, the investor may apply for permanent residency in the country.

To apply for this program, the applicant must meet several requirements. The application dossier includes: three photographs, a copy of the passport, verified before a notary or corresponding authority, a health certificate, and a criminal record certificate.

In addition, the applicant must deposit a certified check in the amount of US$250 in favor of the National Treasury of Panama. In addition, another check for US$800 must be made out to the National Immigration Service. The applicant must also present a certificate of public registry showing the company’s corporate name and its capital stock of a minimum of US$160,000.

The applicant must appear as manager or official of that company. The applicant will also have to present a certification from the secretary or treasurer of the company certifying that he/she is the holder of issued shares, for a minimum value of US$160,000.

Requirements for residency in Panama by macro enterprise

For residency in Panama by macro enterprise, the Panamanian authorities also require a declaration of the applicant before a Notary Public. This must certify the total capital invested, the number of shares owned, and the business activities carried out by the company. The registered company must have at least five Panamanian workers.

An important requirement is that the funds invested in the company must have been obtained from abroad. The applicant must present a bank certification with the transfer of the funds with a proof of the deposit of the amount invested in the company.

Dependents may be included in the application. An additional US$2,000 must be invested for each person. There is a wide range of activities allowed for such enterprises, although they exclude some activities that are constitutionally reserved to nationals