Sociedades Offshore

Offshore and onshore companies

Here you will find proposals of offshore and onshore companies that we recommend to our clients based on different criteria. We also offer companies from different jurisdictions if you have a particular reason for incorporating in a particular country.

Whether to use a company from one jurisdiction or another will depend on several factors: geographical use, taxation, possibility of triangulation, etc. It may be appropriate in a tax planning scheme to use several companies, or combinations such as companies and subsidiaries or companies and foundations, etc.

You should keep in mind that searching for information on the Internet or “fishing” for information on various websites without knowing all the implications can have disastrous results. We always recommend that you make a telephone consultation beforehand. This way, we can analyze your needs and advise you on the best structure for your purposes. If you are experienced and have a clear understanding of what you need, you can request and pay for the service.

Upon paying for our service, our clients are entitled to free consultations. Alternatively, if you have no active service yet, you will be asked to book a paid consultation to gain access to privileged and personalized information. By making this small investment in consulting, you will be able to implement the most suitable solution for you. You will save time and money by avoiding mistakes, and you will gain much more.

Current account and offshore company

With our consulting services, we can also verify the drafting of the bylaws and clauses of a company that is already incorporated or in the process of incorporation. By doing so, we can protect the interests of multiple partners, help you to maintain anonymity, or advise you on the additional clauses necessary to operate in an agile and efficient manner.

Remember that you will sometimes have to deal with people who only seek to serve their own needs. This means that if you don’t ask questions or don’t know the right questions to ask, whether in good faith or not, they may sell you companies that will be useless to you.  

From experience I can say that few people know the difference, from an operational point of view, between anonymous or limited companies, holding, foundations and trusts, nominative, or bearer shares. Mostly, many are unaware of the effects that the structure of a company has on taxation or the bank’s attitude when opening an account for you.