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Our leading offshore legal services

We offer offshore legal services from Panama and various jurisdictions and onshore structures for tax planning, and pay less taxes or zero taxes

Among the most prominent offshore legal services, we offer, are the creation of offshore and onshore companies in different jurisdictions. We encourage you to schedule a telephone consultation before requesting our services. By doing so, we can offer you a more comprehensive service on the best structure according to your needs. 


We also create foundations and offer fiduciary services. These structures provide important asset protection and can help you achieve a strong tax planning. Both are used for similar purposes: to separate personal assets from those of a business. They also separate community property in a marriage.  

Our team can help you obtain temporary and permanent residency in different countries in the fastest and safest way. Likewise, we support you in obtaining long term or digital nomad visas, as well as second citizenships.

Our experts on offshore legal services will guide you through the process of opening an offshore bank account. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you on the best banks and jurisdictions that suit your interests. Furthermore, if you have a blocked or restricted bank account or a frozen Forex or cryptocurrency wallet, we can help you unblock the situation.

We offer the creation of ICOs, DAOs, white papers, tokens and cryptocurrencies. While we focus on the legal side, we work with specialized external consultants who can help you at all stages. We also offer the registration of trade names and products in the blockchain trademark registry, that will create an NFT of your brand or product.

We can register a cryptocurrency or ICO for you in the public cryptocurrency registry, or help you complete the registration in an Exchange. In addition, we are specialized in unlocking frozen accounts in cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets.

We draft or control contracts, white papers, AML policies, terms and conditions, and partnership agreements. We also help you secure your rights in international business or with your partners. To prevent possible fraud, we can also investigate potential business partners, banks, wallets and financial institutions.

We can create your digital identity with offshore telecommunications and web services. We can develop your personal or corporate websites. In addition, we offer SEO services, marketing, social media and much more. We have competitive prices for domain registration with privacy, hosting, virtual offices, and telecommunications.

We offer landlines and cell phones from almost every country in the world, with low latency (fast) VoIP lines and excellent audio quality. We also provide other services in Europe, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela, such as hosting your SIM card (mobile line) so you can receive calls and SMS from your clients and banks.

Discover the best offshore legal services from Panama and the world!

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