We all have secrets, send texts that self-destruct in 7 seconds with 007Emails and avoid being spied on

Sending an email or a chat can be one of the most insecure actions on the Internet, Send texts that self-destruct in 7 seconds with 007Emails. Hackers and spy agencies have software that allows them to penetrate our accounts and read, at will, whatever they want. Never mind the security measures that platforms like Gmail promise us. In reality, they are vulnerable.

However, sending emails and messages via WhatsApp or other chat rooms is an absolute necessity in this interconnected world. Is it possible to create a message about which we have total certainty that only the person we are interested in can read it? Yes, send texts that self-destruct in 7 seconds with 007Emails

How 007Emails works

Using the 007Emails service is very easy. There is no need to download any software or application to your cell phone. You don’t have to register on a platform, nor give away your personal data. Nor is it necessary to pay a penny. Just visit the official 007Emails website. Once there you will find a text box, where you can write the message, with no extension limit.

When you have the text ready, click on “Create note”. The 007Emails system will immediately offer you a link. You copy the link and paste it in the body of an email or in a chat via WhatsApp, Telegram or any instant messaging platform.

The recipient, upon opening the message, will only see the link. Once, he clicks on that link, then 007Emails will display the text, and by sawing the link the message self-destructs. Absolutely no one will be able to retrieve that message.

How 007Emails does to offer maximum privacy

The 007Emails system has double encryption, recognized as AEC 16-bit. This is the same standard used by the U.S. Government and by many banks. 007Emails uses the https protocol to create a secure communication channel.

Send texts that self-destruct in 7 seconds with 007Emails, through any platform, without leaving digital traces of that communication, 007Emails is the best option. Free, easy to use and totally reliable, thanks to OPM Corporation.