How to have full control over an offshore company without your name appearing in the public register

There are different types of nominee services, from directors to shareholders and account holders. We can provide you with this service which is currently very useful and safe, because it allows you to maintain full rights over your company without your name appearing in the public records.

Applying for a nominee service is a fairly simple procedure. All you need to do is select the type of service you need. Once you do this, submit your real information as the owner of the company, which in this case is a copy of your passport and a proof of address where you live. In addition, we need your bank reference or a bank statement from your bank.

Nominee Director Service

A nominee director must be appointed in the offshore company structure. This service is included in our price for offshore companies. There is no risk involved because all the rights of the company are safeguarded through a notarized power of attorney (to be paid separately) with apostille. This document guarantees that you will retain control; while the director serves only as your representative who signs the contracts or documents associated with the company. You can also manage the corporation without the power of attorney, in which case you will have to request and pay separately for the directors’ signatures when needed.

Nominee shareholder service

A nominee shareholder is another variant to protect your identity within a corporate structure. In this case, a nominee shareholder, whether a natural or legal person, acts on your behalf. Personal information about that person is recorded in the public records. A declaration of trust is prepared to protect your rights to these shares. This document allows you to confirm that you are the owner of all the shares. This service is priced differently depending on the jurisdictions and nationality of the nominee shareholder, as well as the activity of your company. We reserve the right not to provide this service.


Another advantage of creating an offshore company is that it offers you the possibility to open a bank account, wallets and exchange. For this process, banks require a series of documents to identify the beneficiary. The nominee account holder’s data will be given to the bank to ensure that your private information is not accessible to outside parties.

All our nominees are highly trusted and sign confidentiality agreements, thereby guaranteeing full protection of your identity. Please note that we must have control of your account and we need to know the source of the funds.


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