In the digital age, online reputation is one of the most valuable assets for both individuals and businesses

A good reputation is essential with banks and financial institutions and attracts customers, builds trust and improves business opportunities.

However, a bad reputation can have devastating effects, affecting everything from sales to the ability to conduct banking transactions.

Our online reputation recovery service is designed to help you restore your image on the web, using advanced SEO and content management techniques.

Below are our three service packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Silver Package – 1500 EUR

The Silver Package is ideal for solving most bad online reputation problems. This package includes:

  • Initial reputation analysis: We evaluate the current state of your online reputation, identifying the main problems and opportunities for improvement.
  • SEO Optimization: We implement SEO techniques to hide negative content and highlight positive content related to your name or brand.
  • Positive content generation: We create and publish articles and blogs that highlight your achievements and strengths, improving your public image.
  • Continuous monitoring: We constantly monitor mentions of your name or brand on the Internet, allowing a quick response to any new negative content.
  • Monthly report: We provide you with a detailed report on the progress of the strategies implemented and the results obtained.

This package is designed to show positive effects within the first 30 days, with full development in 90 days.

Gold Package – 3000 EUR

The Gold Package is intended for more damaged reputation cases, where a more intensive approach is required.

It includes all the services of the Silver Package, plus:

  • Increased content creation: additional production of positive content in high-profile media to significantly improve public perception.
  • Crisis management: Development of a crisis management plan to address and mitigate any emerging reputational issues.
  • Customized consulting: Consulting sessions with our experts to design specific strategies tailored to your particular needs.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization: Advanced SEO techniques to ensure that positive content outweighs negative content in search results.

With this package, we will begin to see noticeable changes in public perception in approximately 30 days, with continued progress throughout the 90 days of the service.

Platinum Package – 4500 EUR

The Platinum Package is our most comprehensive solution, ideal for situations where legal intervention is required to request the removal of harmful content.

In addition to the services included in the Silver and Gold packages, the Platinum Package offers:

  • Legal intervention: Coordination with our lawyers to send removal request letters to websites, seeking to remove harmful articles or videos.
  • Negotiation and resolution: Direct negotiation with the authors of negative content to achieve its removal or modification.
  • Long-term protection: Long-term reputation protection strategies to avoid future image problems.
  • VIP Support: Ongoing support throughout the service period, ensuring that any issues are addressed immediately.

This package is designed for serious cases of damaged reputation and ensures a comprehensive recovery of your online image.

Why Choose Our Services

Our expertise in legal, online reputation management and the use of advanced SEO techniques allows us to offer effective and customized solutions. From hiding negative content to creating a positive online presence, our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that your public image is strengthened and maintained.

Online reputation recovery is not just about hiding the negative, but highlighting the positive. By implementing a comprehensive strategy, we not only improve your public perception, but also strengthen your digital presence in a sustainable way.

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If you need to improve your reputation or that of your brand, do not hesitate to contact us!

We offer effective and customized solutions, focused on improving the perception of your online image and protecting your reputation in the long term.

With our support, you will be able to face any reputation challenge and ensure the success of your web presence


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