You have definitely read some articles about 1-euro houses in Italy, we offer you to buy them online

Houses for 1 euro in Italy, of course, will not cost you only 1 euro. You have to keep in mind notary fees which are high, any late fees (usually municipalities sell them with moratorium) and property registry. In addition, these houses need to be renovated. In any case, the investment can be profitable.

Some Italian villages, generally of medieval origin, promote the sale of houses for 1 euro. The offer is valid for citizens from all over the world. The villages are far from large urban centers and have in common an elderly population. However, they are idyllic places and particularly suitable for a vacation or for those who wish to live away from city traffic.

Many of these villages that offer 1-euro homes in Italy have, on average, only 2,000 inhabitants. That is why they try to attract young families, freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs from all over the world who wish to leave their countries and settle the Bella Italia.

Each village sets its own requirements

Each village establishes different requirements, which must be fulfilled once the property has been acquired. This determines:

  • How much must be invested (at a minimum) in the renovation. And what can be done (most municipalities require that the original facade be preserved).
  • How the property will be used: residential or commercial.
  • When the renovation will be completed
  • What fines must be paid for possible delays

But don’t panic, we follow you during the whole process, we select according to your specifications, we send you photos, videos and budgets for the renovation.

Don’t be disappointed by a bad ceiling, rotten walls, or broken windows. Everything can be repaired. The most important thing is to check the condition of the building’s foundation and structure.

Book our consulting package

We offer you a package that includes:

  1. Initial consultation by phone or video.
  2. Offers of houses at 1 euro in Italy with photos and videos (up to 3);
  3. Restrictions analysis.
  4. estimated cost of notary, registration, taxes and planimetry.
  5. Budgets and advice on renovation.

We have already advised several clients and gained experience that will prevent you from making mistakes.

Costs of buying a house for 1 euro in Italy:

  1. Our office fees, including on-site staff, 1,000 euros (paid at when the order is placed).
  2. Purchase, 1 euro
  3. Notary, 1800 to 2500 euros
  4. Power of attorney to purchase in your name, about 300 euros
  5. Application for tax code (if not Italian), from 250 to 500 euros.
  6. Planimetry, from 150 to 350 euros, depending on the size.

In short, you have to budget between 4 and 5 thousand euros for the purchase. For the renovation it depends on the use, but it will be much less than you might think if you are new. We will explain you the rental options that offer a good return. If you wish to talk about this proposal, you can book a call.

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