How to regain access to your money

How to unblock a blocked account? Under the guise of alleged non-compliance with know-your-customer (KYC) or anti-money laundering policies, financial institutions can simply freeze the accounts of any customer. This freeze can last indefinitely if you don’t know how to act.

What to do in these cases? There are two possible paths. We can help you determine the best option and accompany you in the process until you regain access to your money.

When facing an account blocking scenario, the traditional approach is to complain directly to the customer service department of the banks or financial institutions. However, it is rare to obtain satisfactory answers and very few manage to unblock their account. Others prefer to take the case to court, when in fact they are losing their time and money in the process.

Financial institutions have large legal teams with many financial resources. This enables them to better cope with any legal challenge. You may be able to win the lawsuit, but the process will not be easy or cheap.

The most feasible option is to seek assistance from legal firms with experience in unblocking bank accounts. We have helped many clients to unblock a blocked account and regain access to their money. We take care of mediating with the bank or financial institution. By doing so, we help you unfreeze your account in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.

Our service includes: analyzing the reasons for the blocking, consulting the client on how to unblock the account, a letter from the law firm (lawyer’s letter) to the financial institution requesting the basis for the blocking and the unblocking of the account, and eventual complaint to the Financial Supervisory Institution, recommendation on how to proceed in case of a negative outcome.

It is necessary to proceed as follows to unblock an offshore bank, onshore, wallet, trading, cryptocurrency or other financial institution accounts:

Initial phone consultation

During this consultation, we analyze your account situation and propose the available solutions. The cost of the pre-consultation is 50 euros or its equivalent in another currency. Once we have agreed on how to proceed, we offer you a consulting package to follow up on your case.

Telephone consultation
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Consulting package valid for 30 days (fair use)

The consultation package is valid for 30 days. During this phase, we will help you organize and submit the documentation required by the financial institution to unblock your account. An attorney letter will be sent to the financial institution requesting the unblocking of the account. During the 30 days, we will provide you with follow-up (fair use or non-abuse clause applies) in the complaint process.

The cost is 450 euros or its equivalent in another currency.

We have experience in unblocking e-wallets and bank accounts according to your needs. This system has proven to be the most effective in resolving disputes with frozen or blocked accounts by financial institutions.

Guidelines to unblock a blocked account

It is necessary to proceed as follows to unblock an offshore bank account:

An initial telephone consultation, in which we analyze your needs and propose the available options

The cost is 50.00 euros or its equivalent in another currency



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