When you have privacy needs and prefer hiding the source of a  payment, you very often turn to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies originated as a decentralized form of payment, without the intervention of intermediaries, and users think this is a guarantee of anonymity.

Governments are increasingly looking to monitor cryptocurrencies and are establishing protocols to be able to track payments made with cryptocurrencies.  Although anonymous cryptocurrencies are legal in most countries, authorities are focusing on the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering and ransomware attacks.

Recently, the United States has sanctioned Tornado Cash, a protocol that allows hiding the origin or destination of cryptocurrencies and tokens. But, only those of the Ethereum network.

Its code was designed to mix the cryptocurrencies of one user with those of another. The protocol is a smart contract that uses “zero-knowledge proof” or zk-SNARK.

This system can also be used for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a more complex way and with other programs. However, using it to hide cryptocurrencies fraudulently obtained through ransomware attacks or illicit activities constitutes a money laundering offense.

Ransomware is a form of malware that threatens to destroy or retain the victim’s data or files. This system is used to steal cryptocurrencies.

Why hiding the source of a cryptocurrency payment

Government agencies, for their part, use blockchain analysis tools in their attempt to de-anonymize cryptographic transactions they deem corrupt.

Blockchain analysis software allows authorities to track and trace transactions on the blockchain. By doing so, they can determine where the IP addresses are located from where the transactions were made.

The biemenspensantes say: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”. In reality, this thought invites us to live according to certain rules and not to deviate from them or risk becoming a suspect.

Friends, the only thing that can save us from this system is rebellion. Many honest people think that the system of control that many governments are implementing must be completely dismantled.

If you have privacy reasons to hide legal cryptocurrency transactions, we can advise you and inform you which programs to use and how to avoid tracking your cryptocurrency payments.

Note: In order to request this service it is necessary to fill out a KYC.

The service is offered by means of a 30-minute telephone consultation. You will be provided with links to the free programs and protocols that you can use and you will be entitled to 3 additional 10-minute calls to clarify your doubts during the process.