Registering your trademark in the TMPR (Trademark Public Registry in blockchain) offers you several advantages

Registering your trademark is a key process to protect your business, which is why you should register your trademark internationally.

Traditional trademark registration mechanisms can take months just to get your brand to be recognized nationally. Besides, registration agencies often charge high fees to process all the steps.

With us you can register your trademark internationally, immediately, super economical and in addition, we convert your trademark into an NFT, completely free of charge.

With your registration in the TMPR (Public Trademark Register in blockchain) you will have the exact date of registration in blockchain, which allows you to claim your exclusive rights to use that trademark internationally. The TMPR has global visibility since it is in the blockchain and cannot be altered by anyone. You will always be able to prove that you are the one who registered the trademark. We also offer immediate registration times that are much faster than traditional mechanisms.

The TMPR guarantees you more credibility

When you register your trademark in the TMPR you are guaranteeing more credibility, because your clients will be able to verify that you have a registered trademark in the blockchain. You can also register the logo or product or service image that you decide to associate with your trademark. By doing so, you will also have the right to the exclusive use of that logo. Additionally, if you choose to use our services, we convert your trademark into an NFT, which functions as an additional digital asset. You will be able to market this NFT on any platform where NFTs are bought and sold.

In addition, another notable advantage is its economic value. The TMPR trademark registration service only costs 299 USD. If you are not familiar with blockchain, smart contracts and MetaMask digital wallet, do not worry, we do everything for you with our TMPR VIP service.