CPA Data is a modern accounting software for offshore companies and foundations

The offshore accounting software is simple to use and does not require a high-performance computer to operate. It can be purchased in a single payment of 220 EUR including cloud hosting.

Corporate accounting is one of the most topical issues in the offshore world. For a long time, offshore companies were exempted from reporting their balance sheets by the authorities. But this reality has long since changed.

Fearing being blacklisted by international organizations, tax havens have chosen to oblige offshore companies to keep accounts. This represents a major problem for owners of such companies, because they are now forced to invest time and money in accounting.

The CPA Data program offers different options. The client can choose between three languages (English, Italian and Spanish). By using this offshore accounting software, they can save both time and money. Time, because it allows them to quickly access all the accounting records of their offshore company, and money because there is no need to hire a professional accountant to do the job.

CPA Data, offshore accounting software, easy to handle

CPA Data can save copies of all the company’s balance sheet data. This data can then be audited by an accountant if required. Whereas, for the Resident Agent, the offshore accounting software offers a digital backup.

You can obtain the program for a one-time fee and you will receive the access link with your credentials. You can also visit the official website. This service can be purchased with Bitcoin, USDT, PayPal or SWIFT or IBAN transactions.

This program allows you to print balances, monthly, annually or whenever you need it; you can also upload invoice files, notes and receipts to the cloud. CPA Data is undoubtedly the easiest accounting software for offshore companies.

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